PhotoShop World 2011

My recent adventures at PhotoShop World have lead me to some places that I wasn’t quite expecting or planning. I won the PhotoShop World Guru Award for Best of Show. I would have been ecstatic to have won the category I entered the image in but to get BoS was beyond fantastic. Let me explain a bit, I’ve coveted this award–I’ll ask for absolution of that sin later–for a long, long time. PhotoShop has been a big part of my career (aka “life”, in photographers terms) for well over a decade. Getting an award like this in front of and by, the most respected names in the industry is BIG.
I’m not sure if it was the award or simply the fact that I was walking around with a smile on my face all week that allowed me the opportunity to meet so many great people. Beyond meeting new people, I also met some individuals that in the Span of 4 days became great friends that I am sure will last a lifetime.
So what does all of this mean? Well, some great business opportunities were presented to me that I never planned for. The Award, well that speaks for itself. But personally and emotionally I feel a great sense of fulfillment.
I have to thank a few people, first, Scott Kelby and his incredible team for giving all of us a great tool for learning. If you’re not part of NAPP, DO IT NOW! F.J. Westcott for their support throughout the years. And most importantly, my wife Sandy and my kids Britney and Cameron for they’re love and patience during all the nights I spend with my laptop glowing on my lap.
Planning is a wonderful quality, but it seems that you can only plan so much and then luck and fortune take control. On the other hand, it could simply be that hard work pays off or maybe its simply a little of both.