Join me as I introduce you to Perfect Portrait part of onOne Perfect Photo Suite 6. This is a great addition to your retouching arsenal and it will change the way you retouch people. Give me a shootout with any questions or comments below.

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  • Eric Eggly:

    In order to receive the discount for onOne Software, you must access it through my blog by clicking on their icon on the right.

  • Hey Eric-

    I am debating this versus Portraiture or portrait professional….thoughts? I photograph mainly children and newborns so Im always using helping out skin and eyes. Thanks!

    • Hi Emily, I’ve toyed around a little with other software and have found that onOne gives me skin that looks real without the soft focus feel overpowering the image. The ease of use and the fact that you can buy it bundled with some of the most powerful plug-ins available make it a great tool to have at your finger tips. I’m sort of a control freak and I love the fact that I have the ability to mask and adjust the layers within the onOne Suite. BTW, you do some great work, I love the emotion you create within your images. With your style you may want to try Perfect FX that is part of the Suite too.

  • Thanks so much Eric for taking the time and looking at what I do to make a recommendation! I will for sure check out that Perfect FX. I need to try to cut my editing time down versus hand fixing EVERYTHING haha :) Thanks again!

  • Ok this is embarrassing, but I can’t find the FX :) It’s probably really obvious :)

    • Not at all, first did you buy the entire Suite or just Portrait? If you purchased the Suite then it would be in the upper right hand, 4th tab in (Effects) Let me know if you need any help, I try to respond to messages as soon as I can but if I don’t respond right away just be patient and I’ll definitely get back to you.

  • Eric Eggly:

    Sorry but the discount mentioned in the video is no longer available.

  • Rainer:

    I have downloaded the Free Trial version first and its a whopping 2.2 Gig in size, so unless you have a reasonable download speed?? I used Lightroom for some years and it did serve Me well and still does. I can do most of my work on it and do the rest in Gimp if need to be. How ever” I was curious of the claims made and wanted to find out what extra this Perfect Photo Suite has to offer considering the name Perfect being a BIG claim. After finaly installing it I tried to familiarize myself a little with the new Interface. EventuallI figured out most of it but damned if I could get a Photo showing on the Main Window to work with… I tried what I could , checking settings e.t.c but nothing I did would make it work. I wondered about my Video Card and had Windows checking it. It came back as being up to date and I knew my system was well within range to handle this huge Software. So” I looked it up to see if anyone else was having the same issues? Too right and there where numerous complaint on this particular thing. Eventually I did find an answer by some kind Person who left His information for all to follow and that was ; Windows does not give you the latest driver updates and advised to go directly to AMD website or who ever the Vendor is for your particular Driver and download an update from there. Wholla!! It finaly worked!!! It should have been emphasized by onOne instead of having to search for it either on theri Web page or else where. I have not had enough time to judge it too much as yet. It seems to do the work as claimed. Some functions need to be looked for and are not that easy to find or make sense out of. It takes some practice to get to know the Programs. Do I think it is worth some $200.00 or the stand alone version of Perfect Portrait for $100.00? No! I think it is a little pricey in particular when it is a little unstable plugging in with Lightroom 3 and rather use it seperately because of it. I think with any Software in regards to plug ins that it should be tested thoroughly to make sure it works and not end up trying to fix these Bugs up after all and use it as a selling point to update.

    • Hi Rainer and thanks for checking out my blog. I have been working with onOne for over a year now and they do their best to make the software compatible with the most popular hardware and software being used at the moment. Personally I’ve been in your spot more times than I care to remember, presently I’m waiting for Adobe to update LR4 so I can actually tether my D4. They are always about a month or 3 behind in getting caught up. I will have a new blog post regarding the latest 6.1 update that takes care of some performance issues, so please make sure to check the updates it does make a big difference.
      The other main thing to check is the amount of RAM and VRAM you have on your machine. With any image or video intense program you need to max out these 2 items in order to take full advantage of performance when dealing with images inside any software or plug-in. It gets frustrating trying to keep up with technology especially on the money side, it seems they update hardware and software quicker than most of us can update our bank accounts :)
      Thanks again,

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