“Broken Side of Time” Unscripted

Director/Screen Writer Gorman Bechard approached me about being in his latest film Broken Side of Time. Of course, I assumed he was asking me to shoot images for marketing purposes, but found he was actually looking to film a photo shoot with his lead actress and me. My first thought…interesting…sure, why not!
He described the basic storyline of a young internet model and her self discovery and journey through a world that was slowly destroying her. I was given free reign. I literally ran with the movie’s premise which inspired the images you see here. A model who has become ‘ordinary’, no more glamour, no more high profile–just normal. Returning to a world that she had long since left, yet refusing to see and accept the reality of her new life. Denying to see and to be seen.
For my technical friends, here’s the lowdown on the lighting and such. I used four Profoto Compact 1200 strobes as well as one Profoto 2400 Acute Strobe pack. All units triggered by PocketWizards. Camera, Hasselblad H2 CFH39 Digital with 50-110 zoom lens.
Special thanks to everyone who had a hand in this production. Monroe Street Diner owner Gayle and her employees Danni and John, our extras Jim, Phyllis and Dave, of course Gorman Bechard (Director), Lynn Mancinelli (Dolce) and Jon (Sound), Rhonda Danielle (Make-up) Matt Bowley (Asst) and last but never least my wife Sandy Santini (Wardrobe/Marketing).

My Film Debut! Gorman Bechard’s “Broken Side of Time”

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I received a call several weeks back from Award Winning Director and Screenwriter Gorman Bechard asking me to be in his new film Broken Side of Time.

BROKEN SIDE OF TIME, starring Lynn Mancinelli, is the first film set in the world of internet modeling. A dark road trip of slow redemption, the film takes a look at a woman who realizes her lifestyle is a death sentence. “She decides to give it all up, and go home,” the director explains, “but not before one last taste of the vices which are killing her.


We had a great time working with Gorman and Lynn and look forward to seeing the film out sometime next year. Check out behind the scenes photos on the set while filming my photo shoot with actress Lynn Mancinelli which will be part of Bechard’s film.

When the release date is available I will post it here and on my Facebook.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Actress Lynn Mancinelli and Makeup artist Rhonda Danielle