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This month I discuss the versatility of the Scrim Jim light modifier. Send any comments or questions my way. Thanks.

It has often amazed me the beauty of another artists work. What you can learn from just a casual observation can open up new doors of creativity. When you really start studying the little nuances of technique, composition, shading and so many other aspects, you have a whole new universe open up to you.

I think that one of the aspects of my business that I enjoy so much is the opportunity to collaborate with other artists. I have worked on projects with Graphic Artists, Art Directors and Creative Directors which is a perk but then again that is my day-to-day work. I have also had the opportunity to work with Glass Artists, Metal Artists (Custom Knife Makers), Engravers, Scrimshanders, Industrial Designers, Painters, Musicians and most recently a Tattooist.

I recently met Brian (Monk) Taylor, a nationally recognized Tattooist and owner of Infinite Art in Toledo, because of some work my son wanted done on a tattoo. Not only was I impressed with his tattoo prowess but his paintings were equally fantastic. To top it off, he is an Indie film director too; wow a multitude of creativity all wrapped up in one person!

Needless to say, I wanted to learn more and I really wanted the opportunity to work with an artist like Monk. He agreed. I’m super geeked about this collaboration and have started shooting some of Monks fantastic tattoo’s in my own style. The style I settled on shows the person behind the tattoo but highlights the artwork. I look forward to seeing the images hanging in his shop and we may have other plans in the future for the images as well.

The chance meeting of Monk has led to a great opportunity to create some great new pieces for my portfolio. I’ve also offered my services in lighting for his films and on top of that Monk is creating a full back piece for me. The anticipation of having an original piece of art on my back is about as exciting as it gets for me as a creative.

Tattoo’s have always been a form of art that has intrigued me. Having this opportunity to study it up close has really helped keep the excitement of looking towards another day of creating images that reflect my style.

Stay tuned for more.

Here’s a few basic tricks to rid those nasty under eye circles and to soften lines and bags fast and easy.   Remember to send questions or comments my way.