Join me for a quick and easy solution for small product photography using the FJ Westcott Digitent. Ideal for eBay, web catalogs, and quick brochures.
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Join me as I give a brief tutorial on the features of onOne Software’s Perfect Effects 3.0, which is part of their Photo Suite 6.1 series. I cover the use of preset effects along with how to create your own. Click the onOne Software link to your right to see their full line of products as well as their specials.

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I’ve photographed many CEO’s and top exec’s over the years but found this one particularly intriguing.   I have come to know 5hr Energy on occasion especially on those 18hour days, so being asked to photograph the founder and CEO Manoj Bhargava by Forbes Magazine was awesome.  

From the moment I met Mr. Bhargava, I was confident that the shoot was going to be successful and run smoothly–and it did.  My first impression was that it was actually hard to tell that he was the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company.   He was casually dressed as was his demeanor.  He had a good sense of humor, extremely complimentary and I found him to be a humble man. He preferred to be out of the spotlight.  

I photographed Manoj Bhargava in front of one of his personal projects that he is very passionate about–a hydroponic unit that will surely open up new horizons in agriculture.  If you are interested to learn more about him, check out the February 27, 2012 issue now available.

Thanks to my friend and talented photographer Joao Carlos for the opportunity to be a guest on his blog.  Please check out Taking it to the Streets where I discuss how exploring and fine tuning your self awareness can bring new passion for what you do.  I share an ongoing personal project and with it some of the changes it has brought to my own work.

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Change is good–right? I have been toying with the idea of relocating for sometime–maybe somewhere a little warmer perhaps. My career often takes me around the country and I’ve seen some of the most beautiful cities and landscapes the USA has to offer. I’m not one to be satisfied with standing still and really feel compelled to make a change–a BIG change!

It can be scary to take what you’ve built and leave it for the unknown. At the same time, it’s exhilarating too. I recently had a conversation with a photographer I greatly admire . He talked about how he took the plunge and relocated with no regrets. He said it was the best thing he could have ever done for himself and for his career. He said “you will work twice as hard to justify your decision and before long you will be miles ahead of where you were.” It’s that plunge that revives and stimulates you in a way.

Maybe I am speaking more for myself, but we can become sedentary in our own lives–life becomes routine. We forget how to explore and challenge ourselves–bored with our own perceived limitations. As children, we took chances because we had no fear. We hadn’t learned yet how to question our decisions or to fear failure.

Whether its relocating or just finding new opportunities–take the plunge and get out of your comfort zone. Light a fire under yourself. Reevaluate your work, what your goals are and make new ones. Make new connections and take advantage of the ones your have already made. Create opportunity. Push yourself out of your comfort zone–I guarantee you will feel that same excitement as you did early on in your career.

As artists, challenges only improve our craft–Right?!